「Season Event」の記事一覧

Here is The Annual Chocolate Festival you should not miss in Japan! You can taste many kinds of chocolate from various countries for FREE!

valentine event kobe 11

【EVENT INFORMATION】We’ll have the international party on 7th/MAR/2015 at Sannomiya. ONLY SINGLES can participate in this event. Check the details right now! Chocolate, yes, we all love chocolate. The St. Valentin’s Day in Japan, ladies arrange chocolate to guys, well, it is a bit unfair for ladies because most of them are chocolate lovers! During this time, we will be able to find many types of chocolate in the department store because they are having a special chocolate market for the St. Valentin’s Day. We assume this is Japanese very special way to celebrate the St. Valentin’s Days. Unlike European culture, there are no roses, no presents from guys to・・・