Past events

picnicPicnics! We went to Osaka-jo parks, Tennoji parks and Luminarie etc… If you know some great place or want have somewhere you want to go for picnic, please tell us. We’ll make the picnic.

partyParty!Enjoy conversessions with us! There are a lot of friendly people in here!

cafeStuding & language exchange at cafe!
If you want to study Japanese, why don’t you join this program? We’ll teach you Japanese, so please teach us your language.

BBQ! Let’s have a lot of meats, sea foods and alchol under the blue sky! Eenjoy the summer vacation!

Piano Live Performance! A beautiful woman pianist play a great piano songs for us. Enjoy a luxary time.

Past events

  • Dec. 24 2012 Christmas party at Kobe
  • Dec. 9 2012 Language exchange cafe at Nanba
  • Nov. 25 2012 Picnic at Osaka-jo parks
  • Nov. 18 2012 Picnic at Tennoji parks
  • Nov. 4 Language exchange cafe at Nanba
  • Oct. 20 2012 Party event at Kobe
  • Aug. 4 2012 Fire works and Yukata party at Kobe
  • Oct. 8 2011 Cafe party at Kobe
  • Nov. 18 2011 BBQ at Kobe
  • Jun. 25 2011 Cafe Party at Kobe
  • Feb. 20 2011 Party event at Osaka
  • Nov. 20 2010 Party event at Osaka