Here is The Annual Chocolate Festival you should not miss in Japan! You can taste many kinds of chocolate from various countries for FREE!

【EVENT INFORMATION】We’ll have the international party on 7th/MAR/2015 at Sannomiya. ONLY SINGLES can participate in this event. Check the details right now!

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Chocolate, yes, we all love chocolate. The St. Valentin’s Day in Japan, ladies arrange chocolate to guys, well, it is a bit unfair for ladies because most of them are chocolate lovers! During this time, we will be able to find many types of chocolate in the department store because they are having a special chocolate market for the St. Valentin’s Day.

We assume this is Japanese very special way to celebrate the St. Valentin’s Days. Unlike European culture, there are no roses, no presents from guys to ladies, but there is CHOCOLATE from ladies to guys in Japan. How can we choose chocolate? What is the best choice for your partner? Let’s go to the department stores. Do you know we can even taste some chocolate there for FREE?

In HANKYU UMEDA, which has the biggest chocolate market in KANSAI area during the season, you will be able to find more than 100 shops of chocolate. Yes, this is the chocolate festival we can enjoy only once a year!

百貨店催事場 バレンタインイベントの様子

百貨店催事場 バレンタインイベントの様子

St. Valentin’s Day in Japan

As we have mentioned above, ladies prepare chocolate as a gift to guys on the St. Valentine’s Day in Japan, but WHY? This is Japanese typical way to celebrate the day. The ladies will give the chocolate to their partner or the person they care to show how much they love him. They also give chocolate to their family, friends, colleagues, and any people they want to show their appreciation. These days, they even buy chocolate for themselves. (Because there is so many chocolate from all over the world, only buying for someone it is too unfair, we also want to enjoy it!)
In this reason, the chocolate market is getting more and more popular and famous the year by the year, and TAKASHIMAYA, Nagoya, earn 1,400 million YEN during this St. Valentine’s Day season. Each department store is having the special chocolate floor during the season to entertain the customers.

Try the chocolate for FREE!

At this special chocolate market in the department, we can taste chocolate for FREE! Not all shops provide the tasting, but more than half of the shops provide us some samples. If there are any shops which are caught you, you should ask them for the sample.
During the season, a whole floor is filled with chocolate shops in some department stores and this happens only once a year, so we would like to call it annual chocolate festival! You will be able to find amazing Japanese chocolate as well as tasty international ones which are rarely found in Japan after the St. Valentin’s Day season. Many shops are limited during the season, let’s go to the chocolate market to see what you can find!

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Enjoy sweets during shopping!

In the chocolate market, we also have soft served cone, crepe, and other cake style baked sweets. When you get tired of hunting the best chocolate, you can taste something different as the refreshment.
Here are some reports of the sweets I have tried.

Glaciel’s Soft served cone: Vey thick and creamy, tasty with no doubt.
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Cagi de reves’s crepe: They cook in front of us! We will be able to enjoy the smell of orange liquor. Not too sweet, which makes totally the best choice for the refreshment.
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wafeluis waffle: They also cook in front of us. Crunchy outside but very soft inside. Yes, it is nice.
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5 chocolate shops you must TRY!

Of course you want to try the chocolate of all shops you can find, we understand. However, you may not be able to visit all shops at the market in a day, yes, we just have too many shops you cannot imagine. Usually the market is very crowded and maybe a bit hard to walk around to find your favourite shop, so we recommend you to briefly decide which shops you want to visit before going to the market.
Here are 5 selections of chocolate shops we recommend from HANKYU UMEDA.


Very famous chocolate shop from HOKKAIDO. The selected ingredients make the simple chocolate very thick and creamy. The chips coated by chocolate is very popular and tasty, especially the dark chocolate one. If you have not tried it before, you must!
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Barmans Chocolate

The growing shop from NARA. The chocolatier is originally a bartender. He has mixed chocolate with SAKE at his bar to the customer and it has becomes very famous. Can you imagine the taste of chocolate and SAKE together? You must try Calvados taste. You can taste it for FREE in KOBE SOGO, so visit there!
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Chocolat Boutique Lecrat

The most beautiful chocolate you have ever seen before. The chocolate is designed as planets, too beautiful to eat. It is perfect choice for the present!


If you are the wine lover, you must try this. The currants in the chocolate is made for the chocolate and perfectly matched. You can try it for FREE and HANKYU UMEDA.
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Sils Maria

Japanese style chocolate. It, especially green tea ganache, will be a good gift for the foreigners because all chocolate is based on Japanese style. It is very sweet, so if you like sweet chocolate, it will be perfectly matched your choice. You can try it at HANKYU UMEDA for FREE.
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The Chocolate Market in KANSAI

Here are the department stores in KOBE, OSAKA, and KYOTO which is having Chocolate Market during St. Valentin’s Day season. It is usually closed on 14/FEB/2015, so if you have not visited yet, HURRY! WE ALL ARE CHOCOLAHOLIC!